1972 Ambassador Wagon Brougham

FOR SALE:  72 Ambassador Brougham station wagon (not a three-seat), 360, 2 bbl, at, Gold exterior (affectionately called "Nugget"); tan interior.  


Wheels are not included with this car -- I stole them off my Spirit while it's in the body shop.

Purchase details:  purchased in November 1997, in Inwood WV.

Ownership experience:  I've driven it approximately 25k since purchase, with few complaints. 

The tailgate window occassionally gets stuck in the "down" position.    I would imagine the window motor simply needs to be pulled apart, cleaned up, and lubricated. 

Runs and drives well, front end a bit worn & could use freshening; otherwise road ready. 

Inspected, licensed and maintained.

Mileage:  Just tripped over 100k on the way to the Orbisonia 2002 car show; drove it to and from the Kenosha 2002 show, no problems other than the tailgate window.  HOWEVER, odometer shows signs of tampering; I purchased it when it showed 73k; when it got to the 90k's the leftmost digit looked scratched up). 

It runs about as well as a well-maintained 100k car should, anyway.  Also needs wiper switch (you have to park them manually -- or use Rain-X!!).


VIN:                                        A2A887N195926

    BODY:                                 047585
    MODEL:                              7288-7
    PAINT:                                 D2-WO Yuca Tan, metallic (WO is for woodgrain)
    TRIM:                                   296-N        (2= 72 model, 9= 990 trim level, 6= tan/buff, N=split bench vynil seats)
    CAR BUILD SEQ:              W047385
    INT COLOR:                       tan
    INT SEATCOVERS:           vynil
    AC:                                        y
    PS:                                        y
    DISC BRAKES:                   y
    RADIO:                                 AM/FM stereo

Drive it home today for just:

------------ $950.00 ------------
Offered By: Marc Montoni  --  PO Box 28263 --Richmond VA  23228-0263; Voice & Fax: 804-288-2766.  Or send me mail.

Stuff done or purchased for this car:

    -- New outer door fuzzies (Kennedy American).
    -- Recent exhaust.
    -- Recent brakes, replaced front calipers.
    -- Recent fuel pump.
    -- Recent ignition switch.

Plan a road trip and take a look.


To schedule a visit to see the car, call, write, or email me:

PO Box 28263
Richmond VA  23228-0263
Voice & Fax: 804-288-2766.

 Or send me mail.

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