1979 Spirit AMX, 258 4 spee

Has all the toys!!

79 AMX - Front Passenger side quarter view


1979 Spirit AMX 6cyl, 4spd





Car is RED with black interior. NO RUST. 

In storage for the past 2-3 years.  Runs and drives.

Price is currently $4500 (when I took the photos in November 2001, he was asking $5000).

Contact Jack Whitaker at Jack's Auto Sales 540-665-0807 (Virginia). 

If you look at my photos, you'll know almost as much of the details on the car as I do. 

If any of you vendors out there have a sending unit for this tank, please give Jack a call at 540-665-0807.

Who knows -- if you feel like taking a day trip to the lot and throw CASH onto his desk in the amount of the price YOU want to pay, you may get lucky.  Let me know if I can help any further.  If you're coming from far away, you can crash at my place if you need to.

79 AMX - View of rear passenger side quarter view

79 AMX - view of rear driver's side, quarter view

79 AMX - View of driver's side

79 AMX - View of passenger side

79 AMX - View of front underbody spoiler

79 AMX - View of interior

79 AMX - View of dashboard & accessories

79 AMX - View of engine compartment

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