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My two favorite AMC sites have to be Jim Stone's AMXFiles:

and John Rosa's JavelinAMX pages:

My Rambler American 4 dr. (Pic and specifications) which I sold in July 1998:

The American Motors Club Review List - Lists all clubs partial to American Motors Corporation (AMC) and the vehicles it produced.  Written by Yours Truly!

The AMC Book List - Go here for books of interest to AMC, Rambler, Nash, Hudson fans.

Attention, those of you in VA - MD - DC - WV:

There is an AMC chapter Club serving Virginia, DC, and WV, called the Potomac Ramblers -- a joint chapter of the AMC Rambler Club, and American Motors Owners Association (AMCRC and AMO, respectively).  For a sample newsletter, please drop me a line at PO Box 28263, Richmond VA  23228-0263; or contact me via Rambler at AMCRC_dot_com. Just mention you want information on the Potomac Ramblers.

In addition, a new chapter of AMC World Clubs (AMCWC/CACI) has been started up by a fellow in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  I don't know anything about this club yet; haven't seen anything in the mail.

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