You say, "OK, but which one?"

There are four different clubs because there are different kinds of AMC guys/gals.  Each of the clubs fills a different need.

There is also the online AMC-List, for which you may sign up using the form at:

Now regarding the clubs:

American Motors Owners Association (AMO) provides invaluable support & encouragement in improving the quality of member's cars.  Not geared as much as AMCRC is towards living with an AMC as a daily driver, but definitely the club to join if you seek to be inspired by the impeccable, fine examples of AMC automobiles and the fantastic craftmanship of the members of this club.  To subscribe to the club magazine, "American Motoring", send $30 to: AMO, c/o John Becker, 260 Daniel Dr, Murphy, Texas   75094.  Website:

AMC Rambler Club (AMCRC): generally a well-run club and most definitely has the most fun people -- but they only recognize 58-69 AMC's.  The emphasis in this club is preservation & enjoyment.  The general attitude here is to drive them.  The meets put on by this club reflect this, because people are very friendly and appreciative of each other.  To receive AMCRC's quarterly booklet, "The Rambler Reader", send $18 (or $24 if you want the monthly Ad Release) to: AMCRC, c/o Frank Wrenick, 2645 Ashton Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118.  Website:

AMC World Clubs (AMCWC): sends out an excellent, fact-filled newsletter, "AMX-Tra".  There's probably more useless but intensely interesting AMC trivia stored in editor & president Larry Mitchell's brain than there is stored in anyone else's brain... Except maybe Larry Daum's or Tom Benvie's.  The newsletter is also relatively unique in the AMC hobby in that the articles printed are heavy on real reporting of current AMC events.  AMCWC meets are usually AMX-heavy; typically, the cars that show up at the meets are some of the highest-quality and most-correct in the hobby.  Dues are prorated, $25/year.  Write for scheduled dues amounts: AMCWC, 7963 Depew St, Arvada CO 80003.  Website:

Each club has a different market.  AMO appeals to show-quality folks; AMCWC appeals to people who like endless streams of AMC trivia; AMCRC folks are the most sociable (that wasn't a dig; it doesn't mean the others aren't!).

If you ignore the political barbs one or two of the leaders throw about once in awhile, you will be the recipient of some excellent hobby materials.  The trick is, there's enough ego in the leadership of at least a couple of the clubs to ensure that each tends to discount the fact that the others may have something useful to say and do also.  However, that said, I'd add that for the most part, the clubs get along fairly well, as they should.

There are fewer and fewer AMC's on the road every day, and it's up to those who like them to help each other preserve as many as we can for posterity.  AMC had a very inventive and colorful history, and the market is poorer without it.  Let's keep it alive by welcoming new faces and encouraging others to become involved.  The clubs are a valuable resource to this end.

-- Marc Montoni
AMO # 656, AMCRC #62, AMCWC #620

P.S.  This is posted to the AMC-List (see the website) primarily for the benefit of new listmembers; it gets re-posted roughly monthly.


P.P.S.  OTHER Related Marque Clubs:

AMC PACER CLUB (AMCPC): 2628 Queenston Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118.  Membership 100, Established 1993.  Dues $12 U.S., $15 Elsewhere.  Quarterly Publication.  Website: or

THE HUDSON ESSEX TERRAPLANE CLUB, INC: The Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, Inc. is an organization dedicated to preserving the products of the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan which produced vehicles for 45 years from 1909 until May 1, 1954 and American Motors Corporation who produced Hudsons from 1955 until 1957. Founded in 1959 by Meritt Marks, the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club is a world-wide service organization and is incorporated under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania. Send $20 payable to HET to: Norm & Lou Lovell, Membership Committee, PO Box 715, Milford, Indiana 46542.  Website:

LITTLE NASH RAMBLER CLUB (LNRC):  Little Nash Rambler Club, PO Box 1385, Sequim, WA 98382-1385.  Membership 250. Dues $25 U.S.  Quarterly Publication.  Recognizes 1950 - 57 Ramblers, 1958 - 63 Rambler Americans.

METROPOLITAN OWNERS CLUB OF NORTH AMERICA (MOCNA): Contact: Larry & Goldie Hurley, 5009 Barton Road, Madison, WI 53711.  Membership over 2000. Established 1975.  Monthly Newsletter.

NASH CAR CLUB OF AMERICA: Members receive a ROSTER, listing all members and their cars, and HANDBOOK of useful material. The Club publication "THE NASH TIMES" is bi-monthly. The MARKETPLACE, a buy/sell newsletter is mailed the opposite month.  Annual Club dues are; $23 in United States, $24 for Canadian, and $41 for International air mail. All Canadian and International funds must be INTERNATIONAL MONEY orders in US Dollars.  The Club is for owners or those interested in the following:  Rambler 1902 - 13, 1950 - 57; Nash-Healey 1951 - 1954; Jeffery 1914 - 1917 & 1913 - 1928; Metropolitan 1954 - 1962; Nash 1917 - 1957; Ajax 1925 - 1926; Hudson - 1955 - 1957; LaFayette - 1920-24 & 1934-40; Nash Trucks - 1947 - 1954.  Send dues to: NASH CAR CLUB of AMERICA; 1N274 Prairie, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.  Email address for membership chairman Jim Bracewell: <>.  Website:

NASH-HEALEY CAR CLUB (NHCC): 530 Edgewood Ave  Trafford, PA 15085.  Membership 110. Dues $9 U.S. & Canadian.  Semi-Monthly Publication.

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