Mervin Newman's Collection -- Up For Grabs!

Last month, I received a phone call from Mervin Newman, of Waynesboro VA.

Mervin has several AMC cars he needs to find homes for by 7/31/2003.

Here are the details:

Mervin Newman
326 King Ave
Waynesboro VA  22980-3739

Car 1:  78 Matador Sedan

VIN:                      A8A857N310680
Body:                   M000646

Model:                  7885-7
Trim:                     856-L
Paint:                    7B-BG
Car Build Order:    W-002961

Car 2:  72 Ambassador Wagon

VIN:                      A1A885N279771

Body:                   065884

Model:                  7188-5
Trim:                     not recorded
Paint:                    A5
Car Build Order:    W-066119

Car 3:  77 Matador Wagon

VIN:                      A7A887H152036
Body:                   m-009398

Model:                  7788-7
Trim:                     766-L
Paint:                    7C
Car Build Order:    W-027734

Car 4:  69 Rebel 4 door

VIN:                      A9A157M269950
Body:                   084395

Model:                  6915-7
Trim:                     973-B
Paint:                    64-A
Car Build Order:    W-087046

Car 5:  74 Matador Coupe

VIN:                      A4A167H136331

Car 6:  74 Matador Sedan

VIN:                      not recorded

(all I know is that it is a 304 car)

Mervin also has a couple of other cars he still uses.  One he is considering selling (the wagon below).  He said it has a new engine but still needs some work.  The other car, a sedan, is his daily driver, and he doesn't intend to sell it.

That's all folks!!