Government Employees, Biased?  Tell me it isn't so!!

Who says government employees aren't biased?

The following are pictures of a poster at a government school in Chesterfield County, Virginia -- Matoaca High School.

This poster shows just how much respect many government employees have for those who prefer to work in the honest sector.


This first photo is to prove this is the school where I saw this shining example of government brainwashing...

Now this one is further up the hallway and approaching the entrance to the Library, where tender young minds are allegedly encouraged to continue on their journey of education and knowledge...

This one is from the other side of those library doors pictured in the photo above this one.  We are nearing our target (look at the poster)...

And a closer look at that poster.

Anytime anyone suggests government types are qualified to be objective about their employer and their fellow nonproductive employees, show them this.


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