Government exists to protect the rights of individuals; all other functions should be abolished and given back to the private sector to perform.

That statement sums up very well my political philosophy.

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I have yet to be thrown a "problem" in our modern society that I couldn't formulate a libertarian solution for.  There are some things that are tough to dissect on their surface, and I might have to think about them for a bit, but the bottom line always boils down to the fact that in any societal problem one looks at, using government to cure or mitigate it is like trying to use a meat axe and cutting off an arm to cure some itching from poison ivy on one little finger.

Government is a tapeworm.  It's a disease, like cancer.  It has always been the largest mass murderer, the mass poisoner, the mass robber, and the mass con artist.  It is not controllable, even by those with the best of intentions to use it wisely.  Do you really believe the people now in congress really started out wanting to turn the government into such a wanton whore of corruption?  No, they didn't.  They started out wanting to change it into an instrument that was "better".

That was their only mistake.

Because it can't be made better.  Remember the old saying, 'the cream rises to the top'?  Well, so does the scum.  The only way to excise the corrupted parts of government is to eliminate entire agencies -- they CANNOT be reformed.

For instance, the DEA and BATF are widely known to be corrupt agencies, even by those employed by other law-enforcement arms of the government -- FBI agents have even mumbled it on occassion.  In any case, they can't be fixed; the corruption is part of what makes them what they are.  The only solution, then, is to abolish both agencies.  And the FBI also, for that matter, because they have the same problem.

BATF is run by Treasury.  Therefore, Treasury should be abolished and all of its employees fired.  And so on.

No one can keep the government from abusing power, so the best approach is to abolish as much of it as is possible.

Were I to run for President, my plan would be to approach Congress with a new budget:

About ten billion dollars to run constitutionally-required functions; with this money to be raised from constitutionally-authorized tarriffs.  Small ones.  And a few bake sales and donations.

The rest of the money (right now the feds spend about two trillion dollars of your money every year) should be yours, to spend as wisely or stupidly as you please.


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