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My Cars

See my Links section for pictures of my favorite cars; those from American Motors Corporation -- swallowed in 1987 by Chrysler; which was in turn swallowed by Daimler-Benz.

I AM: An internet cabling technician. I'm one of those guys who installs the cabling in government buildings, making your public officials even less productive than they are anyway by giving them the ability to cruise the internet, or to cruise it faster. A side benefit, of course, is that if they're knocking around on the internet instead of being productive, that means they will harrass you less and eat out less of your substance; in my thirties; born in '62; an Aries; a Libertarian (see the Links); and I come from the over-the-edge school of libertarianism; believing deeply that government is one of the prime causes of human travail and therefore should be agressively stamped out at every opportunity; and, last but not least, I am an Rambler/AMC fan, I drive a 72 Ambassador wagon (among others) every day. I've added a few links to major AMC sites, so take a look. Thanks for visiting!

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My Rambler American 4 dr
Pics and specifications
Libertarian Party of Virginia
This is my favorite nonprofit organization. I invest in it, and volunteer for various jobs in it at times. Anyone who thinks there needs to be a reassertion of liberty in this country should look!
National Libertarian Party
Ditto but for federal elections...
Jim Stone's AMX Files
The place to go for information about the cars of American Motors...
John Rosa's Javelin homepage
Another excellent site for things AMC...
The American Motors Club Review List
Lists all clubs partial to American Motors Corporation (AMC) and the vehicles it produced.
The AMC Book List
Go here for books of interest to AMC, Rambler, Nash, & Hudson fans.