1971 AMC Ambassador

    SST 4 dr sedan, 360 4 bbl, Shift-Command transmission (D/1/2 rather than D1/D2/L).

    Fully functional -- I drive it on a frequent basis.  

    Handles like a slalom car; with factory heavy-duty springs and front and rear sway bars.


    Needs body work and paint.


    Interior in very good shape.  Seats and carpet look really good.

    VIN                                     A1A855P218044
(118,043rd car ordered for production)

047944  (47,944th body produced at body plant)
7185-5  (71=1971, 8=Ambassador or 80 series; 5-5 =4 dr sedan SST)
    PAINT:                                B2 Burnished Brown, Metallic

    TRIM:                                 191-B  (1=1971, 9=Ambassador SST trim level (used to be "990"), 91=black, B= vynil standard seats (ie bench))
                                               NOTE: Interior color code is 69-R-1 Charcoal Met

    CAR BUILD SEQ:             W-047844    (West assembly line at Kenosha plant (all big bodies), 47,844th car assembled on that line)


    TRANS:                                        Shift-Command
    INT SEATCOVERS:          Vinyl
    AC:                                     y (disconnected)
    PS:                                     y
    DISC BRAKES:                  y
    RADIO:                               AM/FM stereo
    WIPERS:                            Electric
    WASHERS:                        Electric
    VYNIL TOP:                        y (removed)
    CRUIISE:                            n
    Rear Speaker:                    y
    Mirrors:                               non-remote
    Wipers:                               Electric
    Washers:                            Electric
    Glass:                                 Tinted
    Windshield:                         Shaded
    Shoulder belts:                    yes


   Take it home today for just $2500.00 !

    To plan a road trip to take a look, please call or write me:

    Marc Montoni
    PO Box 28263
    Richmond VA  23228-0263
    Voice & Fax: 804-288-2766.

      OR send me mail.






Q & A

DRIVEABLE?                 I've been driving it locally & have it antique-tagged.

EXTERIOR COLOR:      It's in original color -- Burnished Brown, Metallic.

VYNIL TOP:                   Originally a white vynil top.  It's all been peeled off though.

INTERIOR:                      Amazingly good.

RUST & DENTS:            I looked at it on the lift, and it seems to be really solid
                                         underneath (but you can never be absolutely sure with
                                         undercoating).  The rear quarters have rust in the usual
                                         spots; one front fender needs some body work, and the
                                         doors have parking-lot kind of stuff.  My initial thought
                                         was just do a 4-door swap with one of the parts cars.

                                         LR door has a nice big dent in it (actually doesn't distort
                                         the frame, strangely enough -- operates normally). 

                                         RF fender has some nice little gouges in it.

WHEELS/TIRES:           That's another story.

                                         Right now I have a set of the steel Hornet/Gremlin rallye
                                         wheels with trim rings and volcano caps on the car.
                                         Even bought the repro "American Motors" red emblem
                                         for the caps.  The tires are not new but have almost-
                                         new tread and they ride well.  The wheels and tires came
                                         off one of my other cars.  I would consider selling them
                                         with this car; but be forewarned I have $75 in the used
                                         tires w/mounting and balancing, and $100 in the wheels
                                         for stripping and repainting; so I'm going to want AT LEAST
                                        $150 (PROBABLY MORE) to part with them.

REAR AXLE:                  No noises; works fine.  Don't know if it's std or Twin-Grip.

NEEDS:                          Va state inspection says it needs a Master cyl, fuel pump
                                        & line, wiper blades, headlight adjuster.

EXHAUST:                     Single.  Seems well-buttoned up.  I looked at it on the rack
                                        at the shop; saw nothin obvious.  Sounds good.

BRAKES:                        Work well, although pulled to the left in a high-speed stop.

FT SUSPENSION:        Like all 100k AMC's -- it needs an overhaul -- tie rods, ball
                                        joints, bushings....  A few pieces still seemed tight, but if
                                        you're going to re-bush it you might as well do the ties and
                                        joints at the same time.  Strud rod bushings are really easy
                                        and cheap as well.

SPRINGS:                     Car sits about right so I don't think the springs need to be
                                       replaced.  Shocks seem tight.

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