1975 AMC Matador


       A local friend of mine has lost his storage and must sell a
     75 Matador Brougham wagon, 360, 2 bbl, 3-seat that has
     been in his family since 1978.

    4 dr Wagon, 360 2 bbl, Auto trans (727), PS, PDB, AC, power windows.

    Fully functional mechanically; some details need work.  For instance,
                passenger side electric window is off its track and is at the
                moment stuck about 2/3 of the way up; and AC blows nice, WARM air.

     The cool AM/FM/8-Track even comes with a "Put the Hammer Down"
                tape from Radio Shack!!

      Be sure to read the "Miscellaneous Thoughts" at the bottom of this page.


    Factory heavy-duty springs and front and rear sway bars.

     FAT rear sway bar

    Turbine-style "fake alloy" wheels.

    125,000 miles.


                        1)  1975 Owner's manual in EC

                        2)  1975 AMC Factory Technical Service Manual
                            - complete except for covers.

    TRANS:                                       AT/727
    INT SEATCOVERS:          Vinyl
    AC:                                     y (not working)
    PS:                                     y
    DISC BRAKES:                  y
    RADIO:                               AM/FM stereo / 8 Track
    WIPERS:                            Electric
    WASHERS:                        Electric
    VYNIL TOP:                        n
    CRUIISE:                            n


    Needs body work and paint.


    Interior in very good shape.  Seats and carpet look really good.

     VIN:                A5A887N151409
   A=American Motors
                                  5=1975 model year
                                  A=AT column shift
                                  8=Matador series
                                  8= 4 door wagon
                                  7=model/group -- Matador
                                  N=360 2v
                                  151409 = Kenosha built; 51,409th vehicle to be built by the Kenosha plant in 1975
    BODY                    M-019326 = Milwaukee-built body; 19,038tyh body produced at that plant
    MODEL:                7588-7 (75 = 1975; 88=Matador wagon, -7 is trim level)
    PAINT:                   E6        Fawn Beige
    TRIM:                     566-L  (5=1975; 66=trim color (beige); L=seat type (individual recliners)
    CAR BUILD SEQ:  W-021182        W=West assembly line at the Kenosha Main plant; 21,182nd car to roll out  of that plant
    INT COLOR:          Tan

   Take it home today for just $250.00 !

        TODAY'S SPECIAL:  You get a free 75 AMC Service manual as part of this deal.

    To plan a road trip to take a look, please call or write me:

    Marc Montoni
    PO Box 28263
    Richmond VA  23228-0263
    Voice & Fax: 804-288-2766

      OR send me mail.






Miscellaneous Thoughts

The car has the usual worn-out AMC front end; but even so, it drove well. 

I was asked:  How bad is that rust on the hood and tailgate?

The tailgate apparently had a run-in with the laws of physics at some point in its distant past. 

A good portion - a third or more - of the panel was bondoed.  The surface rust underneath is pretty well-established.  Either a good sandblasting or swapping a tailgate from a junker would do the trick; there does not appear to be any damage to the surrounding frame.

The hood rust is fairly advanced, but treatable.  If you have a day or two to stay and play, I have two parts Matadors that might be useful for sheetmetal (ask for photos).  They are a decent drive away from my home, that's why I suggested planning for an extra day or two).

This car also needs the hood hinges rebuilt; the passenger side has the usual broken pin on the bottom.  The driver's side is not far behind, I'm certain.

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