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This is the page where I introduce you to my friends and family, and of course my old car hobby.


Wife: Ellissa Tiller

I told you a bit about Ellissa on my home page.  Take my word for it, she's a gem.  After our wedding on October 23, 1999, we traveled to misty Scotland for a three-week honeymoon.  Eventually I'll get around to posting a few of our better pictures to this site.

Father: Raymond Joseph Montoni

My father passed away in 2000. He was a musician all his life, performing as a violist for over half a century and teaching all stringed instruments as well. As I have grown up with all kinds of music in the house, I can tell you that I know good string playing when I hear it -- and Raymond Montoni was one of the best violists in the country.

To read my father's page, click here.

I hope to have some recorded sound clips of his performances posted here at some future date.

Mother: Hope Haley Montoni

My mother is also a musician; although her instrument is her own voice.  Hope Montoni is an accomplished operatic singer, performing in operas, solos, duos, and other venues for her talent for almost forty years.  In more recent years she has become one of Richmond's premier vocal coaches; teaching correct speech to assorted area professionals.

To read my mother's page, click here.

Sister: Lisa Navarro

Brothers and sisters being what we are, the thing that comes to mind immediately when I think of my sister is "sibling warfare".  What more is there between a sister and her bro'?

To see pix of sis and my two cute and smart nephews, Robbie and Alex, click here.


My friends are a unique bunch.  When I was in elementary school, I didn't have but one or two at a time.  Now, I have a small circle of friends that I've spent many years getting to know.

My philosophy on friendship is that life is terribly short, and because of that the measure of your "permanence" on this earth is a direct relation to the quality of the company you keep.

The company I keep is exemplary.

Let's start with my best friend:

Christopher Robert Barbie

I met Chris during my Junior year of Hermitage High School, and I haven't been able to shake him since.  We've been through all of the great and bad times that best friends share.  If I had a brother, I would have wished it to be Chris, for we have been as brothers for the better part of twenty years.

Chris has a family now, and since I have moved away from Richmond we don't see each other as much as we used to, and I miss that.  But every time we do get together it's like the last time was just yesterday.  I think it will always be that way, with us.

To see what Chris looks like, here is a pic of he and his wife Karoline and her son Alex.

The Rest of Marc's Mafia

My other friends are largely either from my AMC car hobby or from my Libertarian activities.

American Motors Links

Click here to go to my AMC links -- this is where I keep photos of my cars, etc.


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