Junkyard Summary:

French Auto Parts
15448 N Valley Pike
New Market VA
540-740-3676 or 540-740-3625

Photos of the following vehicles:

Javelin 73 or 74
Gremlin 72?
American 2-door 66 or 67
Javelin 68 or 69
Matador Coupe
Eagle Wagon #1
Eagle Wagon #2
View of row
2 Spirits
57 Nash Ambassador

73 or 74 Javelin 2 bbl V8 car...

Early 70's Gremlin...

66 or 67 American 2-door sedan

68 or 69 Javelin

Matador Coupe (doesn't that white stripe indicate an "X" package?)

80's Concord...

An Eagle wagon

Another Eagle wagon

Pop Quiz:  Which one is the Matador Coupe?

Let the Spirit Move You

57 Nash Ambassador (!!)



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